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The Pilgram Group is a family owned company consisting of several different entities. Each has a specific focus on a certain aspect of the real estate business to include property acquisition, valuation, renovation, management and term lending for investments. The Pilgram Group primarily focuses on multi-family, pre-existing properties that require refurbishment. Upon acquisition of said property a high level of renovation ensues to enhance the property, neighborhood and the community.

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The Pilgram Group consists of multiple companies: Pilgram Management, Tare Holdings, Marglip Investments.

Our primary focus is to acquire and manage investments; for positive cash flow. Portions of the revenue from those investments are utilized to assist charitable causes, and promote economic growth.

What we do...

We obtain such investments by providing a secure resource to both business capital and strategic business planning. Our goal is not to grow a single entity but an several across the nation and abroad.

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Real Estate Investment

The Pilgram Group intends to make each acquisition a long term investment vehicle. In some cases we deviate from this practice due to a strong demand for a completed property. Our investors generally prefer long term cash flow however opportunities arise that negate this practice and we are happy to note that their returns in these cases have been quite substantial. In addition Pilgram Group may allocate short term funding for other qualified business ventures and partnerships.

Real Estate Renovations

The Pilgram Group specializes in renovation and development of multi-family/commercial properties.

Sink Renovations

Pilgram Group sink renovations

Tub Renovations

Pilgram Group bathtub renovations

Property Management

The Pilgram Group maintains an in house management team and prides ourselves on prompt response to our clients. We provide a high level of service for short/long term and seasonal leasing programs. We have the resources to address any property emergency as well as maintenance and landscaping needs.


The Pilgram Group owns and manages New York Subs and Wings and NYSW Jazz Lounge.

Mercedes Place and Marina Las Olas

This project was acquired in September 2013. The project although estimated 6 month renovation it was completed January 2014. It was partially refurbished and purchased as-is. A high level of renovation was initiated to include mold remediation, exterior/interior tile removal and application. The kitchen and bathroom renovations included granite countertops, porcelain tiles throughout as well as premium stainless steel appliances. Exterior lighting, fountain addition, flagstones pathways, wrought iron gates, pool star-brite, 30-50amp power towers for boat slips, new awnings were just a few of the high level of added details. Medeco security locks were added throughout. New parking lot paving, wooden fencing, and landscaping continued the level of upgrades. The outdoor grill structure was reinforced and a granite bar and countertop were installed as well as a pergola for added amenities. Interior/ Exterior Berber paint was applied to the building as well as boat decks. Exterior bathroom for the boat-slip clients underwent a full renovation.

Distressed Duplex Refurb

1/2013 4 distressed duplexes acquired through bankruptcy/ All needed extensive refurbishment and landscaping. Last one sold July. All sold for 30% over purchase after operational costs.

The first photo is the before prior to renovations and the second photo shows after renovations.

16 Unit Refurbishment

This property is a recent sale of a 16 unit property. This property was held for 26 months while refurbishment and strategic enhancements were implemented. The property was recently sold with a 20% profit not including the monthly rental income.

Office Building

8 unit 10,000 sq/ft building with 29K total square footage.

Enclosed stairs, parking, Elevator, fully leased.

Upcoming Projects

New properties acquired:
1429-1435 NW 6th Street
Fort Lauderdale

NYSW Jazz Lounge

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